Rosco Fine Foods is a socially conscious, kid-inspired family business.

Our story begins like yours: as new parents, we were compelled to think about the food our children eat. And the more we looked, the more we were shocked by what we saw: unhealthy and even toxic ingredients in our everyday food, obesity and serious health problems related to our diet. Thus, we saw the interconnection of food, our health, social responsibility, and ultimately the wellness of our planet. Who are we? I’m Ellie and my husband is Rosco. In the 1970s at a young age I emigrated to New York and Rosco, to sunny California. We first met in Korea after college in the 90s and as they say, the rest is history. We now have two beautiful ever-fast growing children who inspire us with smiles and laughter. 

What Are We Eating?

Growing up in the 70s and 80s in the US, no one around me thought twice about all the processed and instant foods filling up the shelves of our local supermarkets. As kids, my friends and I loved the chips and soft drinks that were so accessible and affordable. Convenience and low price seemed to be the answer to our busy modern lives and so as a society we welcomed and applauded each new microwavable product that promised a full meal in 3 minutes. The global impact of cheap, bad foods and ever increasing use of GMOs, pesticides and synthetic hormones was simply staggering. Something had to change.

How Can We Eat Healthy, Sustainable, AND Delicious Food??

When our children were of school age, we left the densely populated New York City for rural upstate New York to learn to grow our own food. We started a bountiful garden and raised a flock of adorable chickens. Our children joined us in our experimental farm-to-table process: from seeding to pickling an array of vegetables, baking bread in a woodstove, making our own pizzas, tapping maple trees to enjoy sweet syrup on our pancakes, and delightfully watching little chicks grow to become chickens that provide fresh eggs and meat. We cut wood and heated our home with it. We saw the importance of preparing our own meals and the joy of eating together with family and friends. We also saw the importance of getting involved in the movement to support healthy, organic, natural, nonGMO food products and to have these foods become accessible to more people. What began as an earnest questioning of where our food came from turned into a deep passion to see this question through. And along the way we co-started a passionate food company producing all natural, organic, Non-GMO, healthy snacks with a devout fan base throughout North America.

Life is a wondrous journey. Rural upstate New York gave our family a love and deep appreciation for food and nature. Now our journey continues in Korea as we absorb the food culture here and learn to expand our concoction of new food combinations. At Rosco Fine Foods we want to introduce and share our many favorite delicious ingredients and recipes that we have discovered in our journey living abroad. We believe in the joy of cooking and using natural ingredients. We love to enjoy meals together with friends and family. We are a certified organic company committed to providing healthy, sustainable and delicious foods! 

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope you will like us on our Facebook page and join us on our journey!

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